Tuesday, 25 August 2009

heaven on earth

I'm sure there must be something like this in heaven, anyway...

There is a bakery in my new parish which is owned and run by a couple from church. Walking into this bakery is a delight - a feast for my eyes while I'm deciding what to purchase, and a feast for my stomach when I return home (I do share, really). Honestly, the cakes, flapjacks, creamcakes, scones, and pastries are so beautiful to look at, nevermind to eat (and they are gorgeous to eat, too). Today we also tried the cornish pasty... lovely. Deli sandwiches, bread loaves and rolls - I think I'm going to be spending lots of time there. OK, I know gluttony is a sin; you don't have to remind me.

We're away for three days from tomorrow, on a short family break. I'm so excited - we're going to 'Go Ape'! It looks so exhilarating and a bit scary. My adrenaline will be on overdrive. We're also going to Legoland (we've been twice before - love it!), and the Midland Air Museum (gotta fit in an air museum to keep the 'other half' happy).

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  1. We're back now and had a great time. On the third day, instead of going to the air museum, we decided to go to a new swimming complex that has 3 flume slides and lots more, and also on the way back up north we went in to Oxford and had a look around some of the colleges and the high street. Andy left his camera on the 'park and ride' bus, but thankfully it was turned in to the lost-property pile and will be posted back to us! 'Go Ape' was fantastic, and so was Legoland - in spite of the crowds, we managed to connect with another parish family who were also there at the same time! That was cool!


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