Friday, 2 December 2011


Sky, Bear & Vik in Chester

Last week I was on holiday because my sister from Florida came to visit us with her husband and their 14-year-old daughter.  They had never been to the UK before, so it was quite an adventure.  We had so much fun together, going to London for three days, and to North Wales (Caernarfon) and Chester and Liverpool.  The weather cooperated with us, apart from the last day in Liverpool.  London was fantastic.  We stayed in Ealing and took the Tube into the city each day.  We were able to catch Evensong at Westminster Abbey one evening, which was special as my sister and her family belong to the Episcopal Church in the US.  Caernarfon was interesting - the public toilets there have bins on the wall of each loo for 'used needles'.  I've never seen that before.  The castle was amazing as ever, and the Black Boy Inn for supper was an experience not to forget.  In Chester we went to the zoo, which was more fun this time than I've experienced before because it was virtually empty of people and the animals were all out and lively! 

It was a great break - it did me the world of good, even though I did have to do a little bit of work while they were here... I conducted my first wedding, in fact!  And I attended a book group meeting at the bishop's house.  But about the wedding... I was fairly nervous, first one and all, but it went really well and I enjoyed it (I hope the couple did, too!).  Looking forward to the next one.

Now its Advent, things are very busy, Christmas and the new year is on the horizon, full of mystery and promise.

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