Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fall (otherwise known as Autumn)

My answers to questions from Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals:

1. Share a Fall memory

It has to be the leaves. I grew up in a household with five children in Northern California where we did have the season of Fall. All five of us would muck in and do the raking of the leaves each week. We had several large trees on our ¼ acre – I can remember maple, walnut, and plum – there were a lot of leaves. First we would rake them into a maze shape over the front lawn. Sometimes we would shape them into a floor plan with several rooms. We’d play in that for a while, then rake them into a huge central pile and jump into it. Sometimes I would get pretty severe allergies raking the leaves, and have to go inside while the others had all the fun.

Second memory was carving pumpkins in the kitchen - the smell, the texture, the seeds, the competitive nature of my stepsister to carve the best one (and hers always was the best one).

2. Your favourite Fall clothes, past or present?

I love sweaters (or as they say here in the UK, ‘jumpers’). I prefer autumn over summer for clothes as they hide a multitude of… chocolate. When I was younger, I liked to mix contrasting colours, so I might wear bright orange on top and purple on the bottom. I see my daughter doing the same thing, nowadays.

3. Share a campfire story, song, experience, etc…

We camped a lot when I was growing up, usually in the Sierra Nevada mountains or foothills. It was mainly in summer, though, not in Fall. But definitely, s’mores were a regular feature (my English friends won’t know what s’mores are – they consist of a toasted marshmallow stuck between two ‘graham crackers’, which are like digestives, sort of, and also with a piece of thin chocolate in there, which melts due to the marshmallow – yum - I want some more...). That, and catching crawdads from Lake Tahoe using raw bacon on a string. And singing around the campfire. My stepfather played guitar and had a lovely voice. Folk songs: Blowin' in the Wind, Tom Dooley, Camptown Races, If I had a Hammer, Scarborough Fair, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Alice's Restaurant - you get the picture.

4. What is your favourite thing this time of year?

The colours of the leaves. And it is a pretty good show here in England, so long as we don't get too much wind.

5. What changes are you anticipating in your life, your church, family… whatever…as the season changes and winter approaches?

Every day is bringing changes at the moment. Over the next month or two I anticipate doing things I’ve not done before in church ministry terms, and becoming more experienced in the things I have already been doing. In family life, we’re gearing up for my son to take the 11+ in November and deciding which schools to put in which order on the preference form. My husband and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary in October. And I really must get out into that neglected garden…

Bonus: what food says ‘Autumn’ at your house?

For me, it is squash and pumpkin. But I’m the only one in the house that likes squash and pumpkin.


  1. wow, fab memories, rev k!!!!! tears to my eyes, actually-- love you, yo mama

  2. I am always waiting to read the next installment on this great blog. Always something new to find out our forthcoming anniversary -oops nearly forgot!

  3. to Anonymous #2 - I have a sneaking suspicion of your identity...


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